Thursday, 28 December 2017

EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY Daily Outlook – December 28, 2017-SapForex24


The pair rallied significantly during the yesterday’s trading session testing the 1.19 level. If the pair manages to break above the 1.1925 level, then it will be an extremely positive sign for the market and also would break the top of the weekly bullish flag. Going forward, the 1.18 level is going to be the important support of this market. The softening of USD in general due to thin liquidity is pushing the market higher.


The market continued to be very noisy during the Wednesday’s trading session. Initially, the pair went higher reaching the 1.3430 level but got significant resistance and rolled over a bit. Moving forward, the pair is expected to get enough support at the 1.3375 level and will attract buyers into the market. The 1.35 level above will be a bit difficult for this market to cross.


The AUD moved higher during the day on Wednesday reaching towards the 0.7775 level. Going forward, the 0.78 level is going to be massively resistive extending up to the 0.80 level. The 0.80 level essentially the fair value in the longer term and breaking above will be very bullish sign for the market.


The USD went sideways during the Wednesday’s session against the JPY as due to thin volume is limiting any big movements in the market. Any bullish attitude in the stock market will send this market higher. This market continues to offer value in dips and 113 level is going to be the important support level and also the 112 level which is also a strong support area.

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